Modern Restoration Process

Restoration services have evolved over time as new technologies and innovations in restoration methods become widely adopted by service providers. Here are some common restoration processes utilized by modern restoration service providers:

Water Extraction and Drying: Modern restoration services utilize cutting-edge water extraction equipment to quickly clear away flood waters in flooded areas, while using powerful drying machines to quickly dry walls, floors, or any other affected surfaces quickly.

Thermal Imaging: Restoration services use thermal imaging cameras to locate hidden moisture that may lead to mold growth or other damages, including temperature changes that indicate damp areas even if they cannot be seen by naked eyes. Thermal imaging cameras can detect temperature differences that indicate humidity changes that indicate wet spots even in places not easily visible by naked eye.

Mould Remediation: Modern restoration services utilize sophisticated mould remediation techniques to effectively eliminate mould from affected areas and to stop its further spread. They utilize air scrubbers and dehumidifiers in addition to air scrubbers for this task.

Modern fire damage restoration services use advanced techniques like cleaning products, ozone treatments, and thermal fogging to remove smoke, soot, and contaminants from affected areas. Get in touch with us to fix your property.

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